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Who would want a WordPress website, and why?

The main benefit of a WordPress website is that you can get something truly unique. Having a WordPress website means your site is more scalable in terms of future needs. A WordPress website is suited to a wide range of businesses who anticipate growth and development.

Basic website costs:

A basic WordPress website can be built from as little as $300-400*. A web build like this is suitable as a basic ‘showcase’ of your business. This will include a few pages and call to action. Think of it like an advanced landing page with 3-4 section of pages. Like all our website designs, it will have responsive features so it will look brilliant on all types of devices.

Advanced website costs:

With a more complex WordPress site, you are paying for more pages and greater functionality, including e-commerce among other things. These type of websites start around $700-800* per site. Contact us for a more comprehensive quote.


You will need to pay for your domain name – your website address. The usual costs for this is between $19.95 for one year (.com domain) and up to $49.95 per two year (.au domain.) View our plans.


Hosting a website costs as less than $2.50 per month. We have 4 hosting plans, all of which have enough data and bandwidth to host your website. Our hosting comes with additional features like CDN (Content Delivery Network) and Analytics + email. View our plans.

Additional WordPress website costs:

If you are looking for SEO (Search Engine Optimistion) this is additional and would be worked out on your budget and target goal. Please contact us for more information.


*Cost is dependant on individual site. Price is an estimate and may be more than what is advertised here.
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